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There is two ways for to stream out to your Twitter account:

In any scenario, you need a Twitter account with Media Studio enabled by a Twitter representative
Please refer to the official Twitter Media Studio enablement documentation.
Be aware that this enablement can take a few days.

1. You create a Twitter live broadcast on your own 

You login into your account, schedule and create your event and send us Stream Key
Please refer to the official Twitter Media Studio documentation

  • You need a Twitter account with Media Studio enabled
  • Once you are eligible go there
  • On the Live tab, click Create Broadcast
  • Enter the information that qualifies your event
  • On the Source section, select Create a new source, then name it Brainsonic Live
  • Select the EU (Paris) region as well as the RTMP Source type, then Done
  • Copy Source URL and Stream key values then send them to your Brainsonic representative
  • You can define if you want to start now or later. 
  • When the stream will start to be pushed you will be able to watch it from the Live control center. Once ready you just have to press the Go Live button.

2. Our operators act on your behalf

You authorize our operators to manage your Twitter account on your behalf
Please add our operation Twitter account @bsevent_dev by refering to the official Twitter Media Studio permission management documentation

Do not communicate your password under any circumstances.

And we need the following items:

  • A title (same constraint than a tweet, 280 car.)
  • Pick a categorie
  • Tweet content

    If scheduled :
  • Date, time and timezone
  • Preview image (16:9 ratio, PNG)
See list of available categories

Automotive (Cars, Trucks, Racing)
Digital Creators
Entertainment & Pop Culture
Esports & Video Games
Financial & Business News
Food & Drink
Lifestyle (Fashion, Travel, Wellness)
News & Current Events
Science & Education