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Your IG account need to be eligible to IG Live Producer. Please contact your Brainsonic Live representative to obtain such an access.

We do not use nor promote the usage of applications such as Instafeed or Promovgram.
These providers are offering an integrated Web solution to get Instagram stream key from a mobile device emulator.
However this solution not being officially supported by Meta, and those services being hosted outside of EU. We cannot expose our clients to potential credentials leaks.

It is not possible to disable comments on an IG Live video that was initiated though IG Live Producer. Therefore IG proposed a few options, see below.

1. You create an Instagram Live event on your own 

You login into your account, schedule and create your event and send us Stream Key
Please refer to the official Instagram Live Producer documentation

  • Login on
  • From le left menu clic on Create > Live video
  • Set title and audience
  • Communicate the stream key (should look like 18180500569288623?s_bl=1&s_fbp=fra3-1&s_prp=cdg4-3&s_sw=0&s_tids=1&s_vt=ig&a=Abyn4PLX7HRFZY1F)
  • Brainsonic will start streaming.
  • Clic on Go Live. Despite wanting to start as late as possible we recommend starting streaming way before show start (i.e., 5-10min) to avoid any issue and take no chance to miss the live show start.

2. Our operators act on your behalf

If you choose to communicate your credentials (which is not recommended - you can still change it before the live and change it for the old one after the live) make sure that you are able to 

  1. Provide a username and a password to your Brainsonic representative
  2. Provide a direct communication channel between the Brainsonic operator and the person supposed to provide the 2FA temporary code.
  3. This person will be asked to provide a 2FA code when the Brainsonic operator try to login to the platform to start pushing the livestream
  4. We strongly recommend to perform a test of all this chain including the direct communication channel, >24h before the live show. 

We need the following items:

  • A title
  • A comments setting

Handling comments

This is the only way a partner can theoretically “disable” comments on a live on Instagram Live Producer as no true option is available. This allows only pages you follow to comment which gives a bit of control. You can effectively unfollow people and then follow them back once the live is over. However, choosing this option will restrict comments on the entire account (will apply to comments on live broadcasts, reels, stories and posts).

  • Click More
  • Click Settings
  • Click Privacy & Security
  • Click Edit comment settings
  • Click People You Follow.