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Facebook Live

There is two ways for to stream out to your Facebook page:

1. You create a Facebook Live event on your own 

You login into your account, schedule and create your event and send us Stream Key
Please refer to the official Facebook Live documentation

  • On the New Post box, clik on Live Video
  • Select Go Live (you could also select Live Event to create a Facebook Event)
  • Add the Title
  • Select Streaming Software under Select a video source
  • Enable Backup stream toggle
  • Copy the Streaming Key that just shown up (it should look like FB10159995604943449-0-Abz68JtzS__fskdfbe)
  • Send it to your Brainsonic representative
  • The livestream will start once you receive feed from Brainsonic and click . Despite wanting to start as late as possible we recommend starting streaming way before show start (i.e., 20min) to avoid any issue and take no chance to miss the live show start.

2. Our operators act on your behalf

You authorize our operators to manage your Facebook page account on your behalf
Please assign Editor role to our operation account to the official Facebook Pages permission management documentation

Do not communicate your password under any circumstances.

And we need the following items:

  • A title
  • A description
  • Date, time and timezone
  • Preview image (16:9 ratio, PNG)