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Remote location streaming network access specification


When a live show content is produced from a remote location (i.e. conference, live show) the network conditions are crucial.

The content needs to be pushed to our cloud infrastructure to be remote produced, routed to third parties or directly re-encoded and distributed to event participants depending on production and distribution complexity.

Minimum Requirements 

Internet access needs to be as stable as possible with the following minimum requirements

10 Mbps per stream symetric bandwidth (50Mbps recommended)

Allowed outbound connections to TCP ports 443 and 1935

Allowed outbound connections to UDP ports 10000 and 20000 to 200201

Preferably behind NAT router with DHCP LAN addressing2

1Destination IP addresses might be provided upon request

2Brainsonic Live will handle its own LAN if needed by using an addtionnal router. This would be transparent for the network provider.

How to test your connectivity

Validate outbound connectivity

We provide a tool to make sure that UDP streams are allowed within your network on the location.

  1. Download our test tool, OBS Portable and unzip it on a Windows machine local hard drive
  2. Ask your Brainsonic Live representative to allow your test on our infrastructure at date and time of your convenience (link for Brainsonic operator)
  3. Read the readme.txt file for instruction to start streaming
  4. If the stream is sent succesfully you should be able to see the feedback at the bottom-right and bottom-left of the OBS caneva

    2023-11-16 at 22.06.24.gif

Test Internet speed

You may use the following tool or any reliable tool of your choice

Test your internet speed