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Live sources


Brainsonic Live might send you graphic assets to use during production, that might includes:

  • Backgound slate for multi frame or PiP compositions
  • Full frame video animations including audio that intend to be played for physical audience

You need to send a clean feed: your video should not contain any lower third, intro, outro animation nor general watermark (i.e. event logo) as those will be added downstream by Brainsonic Live.


Our operators are expecting a single stream sent to two different ingest endpoints (main/primary and backup/secondary)

The protocol we accept is SRT1. SRT is compatible with a majority of encoding software and hardware like VMix, OBS or Tricaster.
Brainsonic Live provides two local (closest datacenters) SRT, of type srt-listener, ingest points IPs.
Those ingest points are reachable though port 10 000.
A monitoring output (loop out of what you send on port 10 000) is provided as well.
The final program output can be provided though SRT upon request.

1 In some rare cases SRT cannot be used at event location. Even if we do not recommend it, we can accept RTMP ingest following the same encoding specifications.

Protocol SRT
Video codec H264
Video resolution 1920x1080 (1080x1920 for 9:16 ratio) 
Video interlacing Progressive
Video frame rate 25 or 30 fps 
Video bitrate 5 to 7 Mbps - Constant Bitrate (CBR)
Audio codec AAC
Audio tracks / Channels

1 track / 1 or 2 channels

Audio sampling rate 44,1 - 48kHz
Audio bitrate 128 - 256 kbps