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Best practices for remote speakers


  • Choose a closed and noise free environment
  • Wired network connection is highly recommended
  • Suspend all devices and applications that could be audible or visible during your intervention.Suspendre tous les appareils et applications qui pourraient être audibles ou visibles durant l'intervention
  • If possible, test the connection from the same location and condition days prior to the event.
    Perform a test call with Microsoft Teams ; perform a test call from Zoom Meeting


Don't disable your webcam during the minutes prior and after your intervention

  • Blurred background is usually the only way to have a colored and constrasted background that hasn't a "fake" aspect. With this image becomes more "premium".
  • You will want the webcam to be just above your eye-line, almost directly in front of your forehead and then tilt downwards.If you have a built-in webcam place your laptop on top of something (books, a standing desk, etc.) to get the webcam to the level of your forehead.

    2023-03-13 at 14.44.43@2x.png

  • Adjust frame: eye-line needs to be at one third of the frame top. Center your face horizontally.

    2023-03-13 at 14.44.43@2x.png


  • Light needs to come from upper front.
  • Prefer a large surface light source. Window is better than desk light.
  • Avoid mixing two kind of sources (natural light + artificial light)


If you want to mute your microphone do it from the meeting application (Teams, Zoom) and make sure to unmute before your intervention

You will have a better audio quality with one of the following setup:

  • Computer built-in mic/speaker - only for a perfectly silent environment
  • Earphone with microphone - for uncertain environment
  • Headset with boom pole microphone - for noisy environnement

Screen sharing

To avoid any issue we invite you to test screen sharing 10 minute prior to event start time.

For more details please refer to Partager du contenu lors d'une réunion Teams diffusée en direct (only in french)